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I felt privileged to have the chance to visit this place in Yunnan, China. It’s called the Chicken Foot Mountain. Its name derived from the similarity of the shape of the mountain to that of a chicken’s feet. This is a place where miracles happen. This is a place where our love for nature, for ourselves and for our family and friends are rewarded. This is a place that offers hope and happiness.

Away from the urban city, the Chicken Foot Mountain sets itself apart with its simplicity and awe-inspiring view!



IMG_2700The ray of light that lit the clear blue sky relative to the gloomy mountains below it is a lesson learnt for me – stay happy, positive and be a ray of light for the people around me. Such golden thoughts struck me at a time when I was looking far into the horizons, wondering at which point would heaven and earth meet? Nature offered many humbling and gratifying lessons, and I accept it with full gratitude.

i believe most of us would interpret this picture for what it is – a downward spiral. This was how I see it too at the start of the journey. Back in Singapore, when I was reviewing my pictures, and came to this, what I saw was an upward spiral. The everyday experience of climbing stairs whenever we were moving between the hotel to other places came fresh in my mind. It is interesting how our experiences shaped our perceptions.



Deep in the woods, it offered a breath of fresh air, and a chance to get up-close with nature. It was a therapeutic experience. I had a quiet day, devoting my senses to listen to the bristles of the leaves, to feel the wind on my skin, to smell the aroma of the surrounding, to take in the full view of what nature has to offer from 3200m above sea level and to open my heart and connect with nature.

This was the only time when the only thing on my mind was joy, family, love and nothing else. The rewards of a simple life with my loved ones up the Chicken Foot Mountain gave me total satisfaction, calm and a peace of mind, something money can’t buy. That moment in time felt as if I’m entering a golden era, insulated forever from the fear of darkness. It’s like that ray of light that offered infinite hope and enduring happiness. In return, what I can give back is a little coverage of my journey in the Chicken Foot Mountain, to share with you how nice it would have been to be up there in the mountains again!

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  1. Hi this is Tian Sern, As you read the article, I welcome you to share about your travelling experiences too or your own afterthoughts. I believe our crystallized thoughts and shared experiences and the good feelings can cross-pollinate.

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  2. tiansern

    For our readers who are keen on making a trip to the Chicken foot mountain, there are a few agencies that plans an itinerary to the Chicken Foot mountain, from Syntotrip, West Saga, Yunnanminoritytravel …

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  3. I have never been to the Chicken Foot Mountain before, but I really like the view of the scenery presented in the first photo. I have my doubts about it being offering “hope and happiness”, but if I were to immerse myself in such a majestic setting, it would make feel kind of…insignificant…relative to this large landscape (not entirely in a negative way). I think it makes me reflect upon my outward in life: To focus on the “insignificant self”, the mundanities of life, or to reach outwards to the vast community, where the individual interests are not as important.There seems to be so much more to life. I think the trip would be a therapeutic experience, haha.

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  4. tiansern

    Hi Jia Yun, happy that the your account is up man. Why not personalise your profile with your photo? Anw, “hope and happiness” is only a 主观 view. And on the point of the “insignificant self”, it sets me thinking too. The way I would interpret is, even though nature is in many ways better than us in terms of aptitude, versatility, endurance, size etc. , yet it never seek to attract attention. It still stick to their own identity, humble and nice despite their huge potential and ability. And us as “insignificant self” ? It’s a lesson of humility, don’t you think so? =)..That’s what nature has taught me.

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