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Picture Perfect Membership

When you choose to join us as a member, you become a part of our global family that support and cares about you. We love photography as much as you do. We offer you the opportunity to earn as you learn. We provide you with everything you need to find your own style in photography. With this membership, you will create joy for thousands of people around the world.

Welcome to our One Big Family of committed photographers. Your photography journey starts here !

Members Benefit


Family/group/individual portrait ( worth $299 )


Street/night/landscape photography ( worth $99 )


Talent ( with models ) photography ( worth $99 )


Hands on equipment session (camera) and basic/advance photography workshop ( worth $99 )


Curated overseas photography trip ( subject to location and price )

Imagine all the precious families photos that you will have every month taken by professional photographers

Learning from the industry best ( very soon you will be good at photography too )

All the above for only US$100/month

Benefit ( what we provide )

Weekly family/group/individual portrait ( both weekdays or weekends session ) – so you won’t miss in a month

Weekly street/night/landscape photography

Weekly talent ( model ) photography – different locations

Weekly hands on equipment and basic/advance photography workshop

Step 1*(Basic Information)

EX : 162305506731